As stewards of citizens’ sensitive and private data, a comprehensive security strategy is crucial for government agencies. Use this Center of Excellence to discover the power of Zero Trust Architecture, the steps needed to secure your infrastructure, and the tools to address modern security challenges.


    What is Good Security?

    Good security is proactive, not reactive. It stays ahead of evolving threats, addresses risks efficiently, and scales to meet your agency’s hybrid work environment. The challenge? Adopting a Zero Trust culture and maintaining a Zero Trust mindset.

    Benefits of a Good Security Solution

    Improved Data Protection

    With automated security monitoring and risk-based access controls, your agency’s data is limited and time-bound, making it more difficult for threat actors to access sensitive information.

    Greater Network Visibility

    Gain full visibility into exactly who or what accesses your network. That way, you know the location, time, and applications involved in all access requests.

    Secure Your Remote Employees

    In today’s hybrid workplace, firewalls are no longer effective now that workers are spread across the nation. With a Zero Trust security architecture, access control is adaptive and identity-based, giving your agency real-time protection for workers, wherever they are located.

    Support Ongoing Compliance Needs

    Meeting compliance standards is crucial for many federal agencies. Evaluating and logging every access request on your network creates a simplified audit experience with a contiguous evidence chain.

    Use Cases

      How Does it Work?

      The Presidio Federal Zero Trust Networking Solution approaches the evolution for each client leveraging a 5-step process that introduces a structured approach to protecting data and recognizing that data is no longer stored in one central location, nor is it accessed in one location or on one device.

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